Election Commission

150 Washington Avenue
2nd Floor
Suite 205
Fax (901) 222-1217
Memphis, TN 38103
980 Nixon Drive
Memphis, TN 38134
Fax (901) 222-6811

(901) 222-1200

Our Authority

T.C.A. 2-12-101 thru 2-12-210

Our Functions

The Election Commission is responsible for conducting all public elections in Shelby County. The commission is comprised of five members appointed by the Tennessee State Election Commission in odd-numbered calendar years for two-year terms. It is their responsibility to conduct election fairly and to

certify each election’s result.

Our Mission

“The mission of The Shelby County Election Commission is to administer all public elections in Shelby County Tennessee in accordance with applicable laws.”

Members of the Board of the Election Commission are:

Robert Meyers, Chairman
Norma Lester, Secretary
Dee Nollner, Member
Steve Stamson, Member
Anthony Tate, Member


Regular Meetings are held at 4:00PM on third the Wednesday each month and other times as needed at 980 Nixon Drive

Administrator of Elections

Linda Philips