Bidding Procedures

General Requirements

Informal bids (quotes) are solicited from bidders for any purchases below $50,000.
Formal bids (sealed bids, requests for proposals, requests for qualifications) are solicited from bidders for any purchases at, or over, $50,000. View open Formal bids

Online Bids

Shelby County Government Purchasing Department currently utilizes an online bidding process for all sealed and regular bids with Mercury Commerce Solutions. This system is a fully automated online bidding process, via the internet. All vendors who wish to conduct business with Shelby County Government are required to register with Mercury Commerce in order to be notified of online bids. There is no charge for this registration, and it is easy to use. To register:
  • Go to
  • Locate “Suppliers” at the top of the home page, then click on “For Suppliers” in the drop down box
  • View “Sourcing Supplier"
  • Under “Register” select “Mercury”
  • Complete Vendor Registration process
  • Continue and Submit

Note: The description of all sealed bids and regular bids will continue to be presented on this site. However, to obtain details of the bid, please go to Mercury Commerce. To see the local list of current regular and sealed bids, please view our bids posting page.

If you have questions about the registration process, contact Mercury Commerce Solutions' parent company - ESM Solutions - at (877) 969-7246. If you have already registered with either Mercury Commerce Solutions or eSchoolMall (both ESM Solutions Companies), there is no need to register again. If you have any other questions concerning this bidding process, please contact Shelby County Government Purchasing Department at (901) 222-2250