Countywide Juvenile Justice Consortium (the Consortium)


The CJJC is a community outreach program made up of key stakeholders from outside of Shelby County Government. The CJJC’s purpose is maintaining a direct line of communication with the Juvenile Court about community concerns related to the juvenile justice system, researching and educating themselves about those concerns, and providing feedback to the community in a manner that encourages transparency and continued improvements in the juvenile justice system.

The CJJC includes six to nine volunteer mayoral appointments and appointees from the Juvenile Justice Board. The CJJC is comprised of members who reflect the cultural and ethnic diversity of the County and, when possible, includes parents of children who have had delinquency matters before the Court and individuals who have had direct contact with the juvenile justice system.

The CONSORTIUM is here to receive community concerns and feedback related to the fair administration of justice for juveniles at the Memphis and Shelby County Juvenile Court. The Court listens to our concerns and takes action!

Would you like us to meet with you or your group? Do you have any stories to share?

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Consortium Reports and Court Responses


Members of the Consortium are community advocates who reflect the County's cultural and ethnic diversity.

CJJC Members

Candis Saulsberry
Tom Momberg
LaTonya Farmer
Megan Pietrowski

Legal Advisor: Lee Whitwell 901-222-2145
Paralegal: Stacy Taylor 901-222-2137

Apply to Be a Member:

If you would like to serve on this board, please go to the Application Page, scroll down to "JUVENILE JUSTICE CONSORTIUM" and submit your application there. Contact Lee Whitwell at for any questions about the application process.


The Consortium holds monthly meetings that are open to the public. These meetings are usually held on the third Thursday of each month at the Crump Station, 949 E.H. Crump, from 5:30 to 7:00 pm.