Commissary Information

Delivery Procedures

All Shelby County Division of Corrections inmates are authorized to order and receive commissary once per week. All inmates are allowed to order everything from the commissary menu posted in their housing location, except those inmates who are in isolation or those whose commissary privileges have been suspended due to disciplinary reasons. All inmates who are housed in isolation areas are only permitted to order and receive personal hygiene items and writing materials. Commissary is a privilege offered by Shelby County Division of Corrections, which can be revoked at any time for failure to abide by the rules and regulations or abuse of the privilege. Commissary privileges may be restricted by Medical for health reasons. In addition, commissary privileges may be suspended or restricted by action of the Disciplinary Board or Unit Manager for violations of Shelby County Division of Corrections rules and regulations. Inmates who have temporarily had their weekly commissary privileges suspended may still receive personal hygiene items and writing materials. Commissary privileges shall not be denied or suspended on the basis of an inmate’s disability (

i.e., physical or mental impairment


No commissary order may exceed the purchase or quantity limit and/or the inmate’s available funds. When the order exceeds the weekly purchase limit or the inmate’s funds, the automated system will produce a notice of this occurrence. The purchase limit for all inmates will be set at eighty ($80.00) dollars per week and inmates may only store fifty-five dollars ($55.00) in value of commissary items in their cell/living quarters at any given time. This excludes clothing and shoes.

All inmates, except those inmates housed in J Building, are able to place their orders from one of the commissary kiosks located in his/her building. There is a large menu which includes the commissary item; cost and product look up number (PLU) that is posted above the kiosks in each building. Commissary order forms are distributed to the inmates who are housed in J Building on the day prior to the weekly order day. All monies must be received and posted to the inmate’s account prior to the commissary day in order for the commissary items to be processed for the week. The processed orders are delivered to the inmates on the following day at certain designated locations. All inmates who are housed in J Building and the isolation dorms in Women’s Building have their commissary delivered to them in their housing dorms.

Inmates may purchase the following items via the commissary: snacks, writing materials, cards, personal hygiene items, radio, batteries, reading glasses and selected articles of clothing, footwear, etc. All inmates must present their ID at the time of delivery in order to receive their orders. Any inmate not having an ID will not receive their order.

Inmates who have $5.00 or less in his/her account for at least thirty (30) days are considered indigent and are eligible to receive an indigent package from the commissary. The indigent package consists of the following: soap, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, razor, two (2) stamped envelopes, writing paper and a pencil.

Order Delivery Schedule

Commissary delivery days by building (housing location) are as follows:

Tuesday Buildings B, C, E and N

Wednesday Buildings Q and the Adult Offender Center (AOC)

Thursday Buildings G, H, I, J, Main and Women