Due Process

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Welcome to the Juvenile Court’s Due Process Compliance page. On this page you will be able to read reports that have been published by Professor Sandra Simkins, the person selected by the Department of Justice to serve as the Due Process monitor.

Professor Simkins’ bio

Due process reforms provide procedural safeguards for children at critical phases of their cases, including requirements that the court:
  • Establish a dedicated juvenile defender unit in the public defender’s office that will be independent of the court and have the structure and resources to provide independent,ethical, and zealous representation for children.
  • Require procedural safeguards against self-incrimination, to provide notice of charges, and to hold transfer hearings.
  • Appoint counsel before children appear before a magistrate judge for a probable cause determination and provide the probable cause determination within 48 hours for all warrantless arrests.
  • Make written findings for key judicial decisions, including transfer hearings.
  • Implement policies in the court’s detention facility that will prohibit use of restraints, ensure a suicide prevention plan and require staff to receive training on adolescent development.
  • Shelby County - Department of Justice MOA
  • Department of Justice Announcement on Juvenile Court Reform