Divorce Copies

Copies of Divorce Decree
Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I get a copy of my divorce ?
    • To find your divorce case we’ll ask the following questions:
    • Was the divorce granted in Shelby County?
    • Was it in Circuit Court or Chancery Court?
    • What date?
    • Do you know your case id/case number? (the case id will be listed on any old paperwork you may have or you can search our website if the divorce was granted after 1999)
    • Do you have more than one divorce?
  • Where can I pick up a copy of my divorce?
    • You can come to our offices during normal business hours:
    • Shelby County Courthouse
    • 140 Adams
    • Room B48 (in the basement)
    • Circuit and Chancery’s File rooms are in the same room
  • Phone numbers:
    • Circuit - 901-222-3808
    • Chancery - 901-222-3900
  • How much does a copy cost?
    • Certified copies (accepted by other courts and government agencies) $5.00 plus .50 cents per page
    • Non-certified copies .50 cents per page
    • Divorces before 1999 must be retrieved from Archives before we can provide a total cost
  • Can I get my copy from Archives?
    • Shelby County Archives cannot provide a certified copy
  • Can I pay for copies on-line?
    • Not at this time
  • Do you accept credit cards?
    • Yes