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Implementing Commuter Benefits as one of the Nation’s Best Workplace for Commuters

The Memphis Area RideShare Program (MAR) is launching a drive to increase carpools. MAR’s mission is to encourage commuters to consider alternatives to driving single occupancy vehicles to work every day. To promote carpooling, MAR, provides a web-based matching service and incentives to those who participate in the program.

What is a carpool?

  • Carpools consist of two or more persons driving together in a privately owned vehicle.  At a workplace, employees may choose to carpool without any assistance or involvement from the employer; however, carpool incentive programs are one way for employers to encourage employees to carpool.
  • Commuters can register with the Memphis Area RideShare as a carpooler or transit rider at MAR will offer a free gift to new participants. Various rewards will be offered to active participants on an ongoing basis.
  • Employee benefits from carpooling include cost sharing, less wear and tear on vehicles, time savings and the ability to relax while commuting. Employer advantages are the need for fewer parking spaces, less employee stress and improved productivity.
Carpooling Incentives:
  • First time commuters must register with the Memphis Area RideShare Service as a carpooler or transit rider.
  • Participation in the Memphis Area RideShare Program qualifies a registered commuter for the Guaranteed Ride Home Service which provides six (6) free taxicab vouchers per year. To provide a guaranteed ride home in the event of unexpected schedule changes.   
  • To qualify for our great incentives, a monthly report must be submitted. After the first monthly report is submitted, participants will be eligible to receive a computer bag or umbrella. Various rewards will be offered to active participants on an ongoing basis.You may contact MAR at (901) 544-7741 or email or to learn more about how rideshare matching works.

Guidelines for Carpooling
It is important for carpoolers to meet under comfortable conditions to determine the feasibility of ridesharing. As you make contact with potential rideshare partners, suggest a meeting to discuss compatibility.
  • Select the route the carpool will take to and from work and designate pickup points which may be at each member’s home or a common meeting point such as a park-and-ride lot.
  • Determine the morning arrival and afternoon departure times based on compatible work schedules.
  • Choose the departure locations at work where carpool members will gather for the drive home.
  • Determine who is going to drive. Will some or the entire carpool members share driving responsibilities by alternating on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis? Or will they select a designated driver?
  • Calculate commuting costs to determine the amount non-drivers will pay to cover the expenses of the driver(s).
  • Determine which days of the week each person will carpool. While many carpools are five days a week, many other carpools operate quite well on a part time basis.
  • Create communication lines between carpool members so that an agreed upon alternative plan can be rapidly implemented in case of illness or other problems. Make certain that all members of the carpool have exchanged phone numbers.

Once these logistical details have been arranged, it is important that a friendly discussion take place regarding the “rules of the road”. Issues to be covered and recommended rules to establish include the following:
  1. The first rule is to agree to have rules
  2. Agree to be on time. Depending on the length of the commute, most carpools allow two to five minutes for a late passenger.
  3. Detours for personal errands should be avoided
  4. Establish a smoking policy. Smoking should not be allowed unless everyone in the carpool is a smoker or everyone agrees that smoking is OK.
  5. Take a vote about the radio. On or Off?
  6. Agree on do’s and don’ts concerning personal habits, such as reading, talking, and eating in the car
  7. Driver responsibilities include keeping the vehicle clean, in good working condition, and adequately fueled for the round-trip commute. Naturally he or she is also responsible for driving safely and for maintaining adequate auto insurance.

Vasco A. Smith, Jr. County Administration Building • (901) 222-2300
160 North Main Street Memphis TN 38103
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