Shelby County is located at the northern edge of the Mississippi Delta. At its western boundary is the Mississippi River. From the bluffs and ridges adjacent to the Mississippi River, Shelby County sweeps eastward to softly rolling farmland. In addition to the mighty Mississippi the Loosahatchie River, Wolf River and Nonconnah Creek, drain through the eastern part of the metro area into the Mississippi River.

Several large aquifers are beneath the Mississippi River. Two of these aquifers supply drinking water to the citizens Shelby County. Because of the aquifers' natural filtration process, our drinking water quality is considered to be one of the best in the United States.

In the heart of the metropolitan area old growth forest is still found in Memphis' Overton Park. Enormous oaks, yellow poplar and hickories, some of whom may been living when Hernando DeSoto surveyed this area, hide a delicate undergrowth of dogwoods and wildflowers.