Ethics Commission


  • Meets Quarterly
  • 160 N. Main St.
  • Memphis, TN 38103


Members of the Shelby County Ethics Commission serve two-year terms. In all, the commission consists of 12 members and one chairman who are appointed by the county mayor and confirmed by the Shelby County Commission. The board includes a minimum of five licensed attorneys (of which three are former judges) and eight members from the broader community.


There are no vacancies at this time.

Functions & Authority

The Ethics Commission has jurisdiction of all ethics complaints lodged against:
  • Appointees to boards, commissions, and authorities
  • Assistant chief administrative officer
  • Chief deputy and assistant chief deputy sheriffs
  • Division directors, deputy directors, chief administrators, administrators, and deputy administrators
  • Elected officials
  • The chief administrative officer
Sanjeev Jay Jayaraman  -- Chairman
David Brackstone
Andre Mathis
Na’eem Rashada
Steve McCleskey
James Allen
Cynthia Collins
Robert Kurtz
Julius Anderson
Donn Southern


For additional information about the Ethics Commission, please contact us -  (901) 222-2119.