Ethics Commission

Shelby County Ethics Commission Members:

As you are aware, there is currently a Ethics Commission meeting scheduled for Tuesday, March 23 at 9:00 a.m.  In light of recent developments, as I will explain below, I am cancelling the March 23 meeting.  It is my expectation that this meeting will be rescheduled in April but rather than simply provide a date and time without your input, we will be reaching out for your availability.

The primary matter to have been discussed on March 23 involved the ethics investigation materials this Commission recently received relative to Commissioner Edmund Ford, Jr. (the “Ford Matter”).  To that end and because of an identified conflict within its office, the County Attorney has hired outside counsel to serve as the Special Ethics Officer for the Ethics Commission, in regard to the Ford Matter.  

On Friday, the newly retained Special Ethics Officer communicated with the District Attorney’s office for the 17th Judicial District of Tennessee.  The 17th Judicial District has confirmed that it has been assigned and is engaged in an ongoing investigation with regard to the Ford Matter.  

As a result, under the Code of Ordinances governing this Commission’s activities, this Commission is compelled to take no investigatory or other action until the D.A.’s office for the 17th Judicial District concludes it official action.  Importantly, following the conclusion of the D.A.’s investigation, this Commission will proceed (within 60 days) with its duties and obligations relative to the Ford Matter.

I look forward to working with all of you on this very important Commission and setting up a time for a meeting in April that proves most convenient for you.


Beth Nickelson


  • Meets Quarterly
  • 160 N. Main St.
  • Memphis, TN 38103


Members of the Shelby County Ethics Commission serve two-year terms.


Please contact us for inquiries regarding vacancies.

Functions & Authority

The Ethics Commission has jurisdiction of all ethics complaints lodged against:
  • Appointees to boards, commissions, and authorities
  • Assistant chief administrative officer
  • Chief deputy and assistant chief deputy sheriffs
  • Division directors, deputy directors, chief administrators, administrators, and deputy administrators
  • Elected officials
  • The chief administrative officer
Elizabeth Nickelson ---- Chairman
Naeem P. Rashada
Tricha Bell
Mary Morris
April Avery
Chasity S. Grice, Attorney at Law
Adam Glankler (Attorney)


For additional information about the Ethics Commission, please contact us -  (901) 222-2118.