Health Care Corporation (Regional One Health Board)


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Members of the Shelby County Health Care Corporation (Regional One Health Board) are appointed by the Shelby County mayor and confirmed by the Shelby County Commission. This board consists of 12 members who serve for three-year terms. One of the members is the president of the Regional One Health who is allowed vote on board-related issues. Board members who are not allowed to vote include the medical director and the president of the medical staff.


There are NO vacancies at this time.

Functions & Authority

The function of the Health Care Corporation (Regional One Health Board) is to provide high quality, needed health services to all area residents at a reasonable cost regardless of race, creed, color, sex, or financial situation. For additional information, contact Monica Wharton at (901) 545-7928.

Members are:

Pamela Brown
Dr. Williams Evans- UT Trustee
Dr. James Freeman
Dr. Brenda Hardy
Tyrone Burroughs
David Popwell

Dr. William Evans
Anthony Tate
Scott Lenoir
Van Turner - Commissioner
Scott McCormick
Dr. Ken Brown

Judy Edge
Robert "Phil" Shannon