Health, Education & Housing Facility Board


3:30 pm (as needed)
Second Wednesday of the month
999 S. Shady Grove Rd., Suite 500
Memphis, TN 38120


The Shelby County Health, Education, and Housing Facility Board is comprised of nine members who serve six-year terms. All members are appointed by the Shelby County mayor and confirmed by the Shelby County Commission.
The members are:
Kimberly Bailey
Ralph DelBove
Natalie Lefkowitz

Gerald Brooks
Dr. Audrey Elion
Dr. Shane Stanford

Tracy Chism
Dr. Roque Estipona


There are currently no vacancies.

Functions & Authority

The function of the Health, Education, and Housing Facility Board is to assist in the financing of health facilities, educational facilities, and housing facilities for low and moderate income families, disabled individuals and the elderly. The financings are accomplished through the issuance of revenue bonds payable solely from the revenues of the project. The taxpayers and the County of Shelby are never liable for the repayment of the bonds.
For additional information, contact Stephen L. Anderson, attorney for the board, at (901) 259-7100.