Historical Commission


Second Thursday of the Month 3:00 pm
Shelby County Archives
Building 980A Nixon Drive
Memphis, TN 38134


Members of the Historical Commission serve four-year terms and are appointed by the Shelby County mayor and confirmed by the Shelby County Commission. In all, this commission is comprised of 33 members.

Current Members

  • Chairman: Laura Todd
  • County Historian: Jimmy Ogle
  • County Genealogist: Kathryn Graehl
  • County Register: Tom Leatherwood
Nona Allen
Justin Askew
Valerie Barfield
Lauren Beaupre

Dr. Jay Bobo
Mark Buchanan
Phyllis Burns
James Cole
Judy Davis
Dr. E.C. Curt Fields
Cody Fletcher
Lysbeth Francis

Mike Freeman
Nicholas Gotten 
LaSimba Gray, Jr.
Kenyata Hooks

Sylvester Lewis
John McNary
Warren Perry
Andy Pouncey
Kevin Quinn

Audrey Rainey
Mark Stansbury
Graydon Swisher
Randall Thomas
Laura Todd
Yvette Warren
2016 / 2017
  • December: 8
  • January: 12
  • February: 9
  • March: 9
  • April: 13
  • May: 11
  • June: 8

Functions & Authority

The Commission works on behalf of historical awareness, preservation and education. Some of the duties include:

  1. reviewing and approving requests for historical markers
  2. maintaining a reference book on all historical markers in the county
  3. directs media and public attention to historic preservation issues
  4. recognizes with awards area high school and college historical scholars
  5. recognizes area historical authors and literary works
  6. offers guest speakers to community organizations
  7. participates in relevant historical commemorative events
  8. interacts with schools and historic preservation groups in furtherance of these goals.
  9. applies for, manages, and assists with grants from groups and foundations for historic purposes

Scheduled Meetings:

NOTE: October 12, 2017 meeting will be held at Mallory-Neely House, 652 Adams Avenue(in the heart of Victorian Village)  December 10, 2017 meeting is being held at the Scottish Rite, 825 Union, as our one "Field trip meeting to an historical site" annually. All other 2017 meetings will be held at the Archives Office, 980A Nixon Drive.

2017 Shelby County History Festival
12:00-5:00 P.M., Sunday, April 2, 2016
Hillwood Hall at Davies Manor Plantation
3570 Davieshire Road, Bartlett, TN.

The new slate of officers of the Historical Commission for the 2016-17 year are:

Chairman - Laura Todd
Vice Chairman - Sylvester Lewis
Treasurer - Judy Davis
Secretary - Dr. Nick Gotten

Shelby County Historical Commission Meeting -
Thursday, December 8, 2016- 3:00 p.m.
Shelby County Archives Office
980A Nixon Drive

Agenda (PDF)

Meeting Minutes from the December 8th meeting (PDF)

For additional information about the Historical Commission, please contact Jimmy Ogle.