Jury Commission


If you receive a jury summons in the mail, you may complete the qualification process at https://ejuror.shelbycountytn.gov. After completing the questionnaire, you may choose one of the several dates listed to serve within the coming weeks.  You will NOT need to appear on the qualification date shown on your jury summons once a date is chosen.  This process is highly recommended to avoid the congestion of traffic and parking issues.  If assistance is needed, please call 222-1650 to speak with a staff member.

Providing Fair & Balanced Justice

 Trial by jury is a fundamental part of the American system of justice and is a right guaranteed under the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of Tennessee. Jury service is one of the most important functions a citizen can perform in American society. Jurors serve the litigants by assuring them of fair and impartial justice. 

Summoning Jurors

 The day-to-day operation of the Shelby County jury system is administered through the office of the Jury Commission. This office is responsible for the selection and summoning of prospective jurors and the management of jurors during their term of service. Lists of prospective jurors are derived from a number of sources including, but not limited to: 

  • Driver license records  
  • Telephone books  
  • The county tax list  
  • Vehicle registration

Department Resources

  1. Tiffany Kimmons

    Jury Coordinator

  2. Ernestina Rodriguez

    Assistant Jury Coordinator

  3. Andrea Lewis Anderson

    Administrative Technician

  4. Miyosha Hunter

    Clerical Specialist

  5. Angela Toliver

    Clerical Specialist

  6. Jury Commission

    Physical Address
    157 Poplar Ave
    Room 136
    Memphis, TN 38103


    Fax: (901) 222-1651