Retirement Board


  • 10:00 am
  • First Tuesday of the month
  • 160 N. Main, Suite 850
    Memphis, TN 38103


The Retirement Board consists of 13 voting members who serve four-year terms (unless otherwise specified). Members include:
  • The county mayor or his written designee
  • The chairman of the Shelby County Commission or his written designee
  • The chairman of the County Commission Budget Committee
  • The county's duly-appointed director of Administration and Finance
  • One popularly-elected, full-time county official who shall serve for the period of their elected term (elected by majority vote by all of the county's additional full-time, popularly-elected officials)
  • Two county employees who are active participants with at least 10 years of participation in the retirement system
  • Two pensioned participants under the system
  • Three citizens of Shelby County who have demonstrated that they are knowledgeable in pension systems and are not participants in the system
  • Two citizens of Shelby County who have extensive financial knowledge and background.

Functions & Authority

The functions of the Retirement Board are to administer the constituent retirement plans, to invest the retirement funds and to analyze and recommend proposed amendments to the retirement plans when advisable.

Members are:

Mayor Lee Harris - Chairman
Dwan Gilliom - Mayor Designee
Reginald Manning- Citizen Pension
Tracie Montgomery
Craig Cardwell
Debra Gates- Employee with 10 years of participation in retirement system
Richard Swiggart- Retiree member
Wanda Richards
James Martin
Mathilde Crosby - Director of Administration & Financial
Christine Richards
Shelandra Ford (Elected Official)
Mark Billingsley (Elected Official)
For additional information about this board, please contact Nicole Taylor, manager of Retirement, at (901) 222-1956, or Jesse Turner Jr., manager of Pension Investments, at (901) 222-1955