Equal Opportunity Compliance (EOC)


The Equal Opportunity Compliance Office has three separate units:

  • Contract Compliance / LOSB & M/WBE Participation
  • Investigations / Unfair Employment Practices / EEO Training Programs
  • Affirmative Action Program / Statistical Services

The Office of Equal Opportunity Compliance was created by the Shelby County Restructure Bill of 1974, but was replaced in 1986 by the Shelby County Home Rule Charter (see below), which currently governs this department.

Responsibilities & Services

Shelby County is one of only a handful of local governments in the country with an EOC office. The EOC, whose administrator is appointed by the Board of Commissioners, ensures fair employment practices within county government.

Established in 1976, the office investigates an average of 50-60 complaints of discrimination a year, primarily on the basis of race and sex. The employment statistics of companies that bid on county projects are reviewed to ensure they meet standards of eligibility established by the County Commission.

Additional Information