Criminal Court



  • The Shelby County Criminal Court Clerk, Heidi Kuhn, is pleased to announce that the Criminal Court Clerk’s Office is now accepting online payments for Shelby County Criminal Court Cases.
  • Click here to go to and enter your case number, if that case number begins with a C.
  • If it does not begin with a C, enter your indictment number and your booking number. 
  • If you do not know your indictment number and booking number, you will need to use the Shelby County CJS portal to search for your case number. 
  • You will need to register and sign in to the Shelby County CJS portal if you need to search for your case information.
  • Use the Smart Search tool to find the case that you want to pay.
  • Your case number has 8 characters, followed by a dash, then ending with 8 more characters.  The first 8 characters are your indictment number and the last 8 characters are your booking number.  For example, if your case number were 98 76543-12345678, then your indictment number is 98 76543 and your booking number is 12345678.  As shown, spaces matter. 
  • Use these numbers and follow the onscreen instructions to make a payment on a case. 
  • Payments may take up to 2 business days to be reflected on your case.