Pretrial Services

Pretrial Services is considered a neutral entity within the criminal justice system, working on behalf of the community as a whole to promote safety, accountability, and restoration.  Although Pretrial is known for offering alternatives to incarceration at every stage of the criminal justice system (Jail Release, Court Operations, DRC, Community Services, Reports, Programs, Probation).  The agency's focus goes far beyond what you may normally think of as OR release and case supervision.

Based on court orders and individual offender assessments, Pretrial Services identifies various needs and risks for each supervised offender.  The agency addresses these through cognitive behavior modification groups, one on one counseling / coaching, referrals to outside agencies for mental healthcare, housing, education and employment.  All of which is geared towards addressing ongoing life issues which may help to prevent any future contact with the criminal justice system.  Pretrial Services provides community services sites to allow the offender to give back to the community as a part of their court and program requirements.  The agency goal is to help maintain the safety of the community while enhancing the quality of life for offenders as it relates to their decision making and actions.  When successful, the offender as well as the overall community benefits.

     Shelby County Pretrial Services is an 
Affiliate of the National Association of Pretrial Services Agencies