Day Reporting Center


Shelby County Pretrial Services Day Reporting Center (DRC) is located at 1362 Mississippi Blvd. Memphis, TN 38106 inside the Office of Re-Entry building.  The services offered by the Day Reporting Center are essential to assist individuals in complying with court-ordered conditions of release, providing information and education related to behavior modification and community impact, as well as encouraging clients to refrain from any future criminal activities.

The basic concept of the Day Reporting Center is to acclimate individuals to the daily routine of reporting to a supervised environment where they are expected to adhere to a schedule and engage in productive activities. The Day Reporting Center offers groups and classes related to  Anger Management, Batterers Intervention Program, Criminal Thinking Errors, Moral Reconation Therapy, Parenting, and Job Readiness geared towards assisting client in making positive changes in their lives.  Although these services are in-house, there are various other services and community collaborations that are available to Day Reporting Center clients that go beyond what is mentioned above.  Services such as but not limited to; more in depth employment training / referrals and access to professional individual counseling at no cost to the client. 
Additionally, the Day Reporting staff maintains frequent contact with clients to ensure they are aware of their court dates at all times discussing and assisting with issues that may hinder their appearance in court