Disproportionate Minority Contact

Mission Statement

“To develop a comprehensive strategy for raising the awareness of disproportionate confinement of minority youth in the juvenile justice system and promote the best practices and policies to eradicate the problem of over representation in secure confinement.”

What is DMC? 

DMC refers to the disproportionate number of minority youth who come into contact with the juvenile justice system. The Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act of 2002 broadened the scope of the DMC initiative from "disproportionate minority confinement" to "disproportionate minority contact," requiring an examination of potential disproportionate representation at all decision points within the juvenile justice continuum and implementation of data-based prevention and system improvement efforts to reduce identified dis proportionality.

Children of color are over represented in the juvenile justice system in the United States. They are more likely to be arrested, charged, and incarcerated than their white counterparts, even for the same behaviors. Involvement in the juvenile justice system has numerous negative consequences for young people, including educational disruptions, reduced employment rates, and increased likelihood of arrest as an adult. Disparate treatment for youth of color in the juvenile justice system can lead to disparities in other arenas, and contribute to an inter generational cycle of justice system involvement and other poor outcomes for people of color. 

How to Reduce DMC in Juvenile Court? 

Reducing DMC begins with assigning organizational responsibility for addressing racial ethnic disparities that occur in Shelby County. This process will include selecting a responsible governing body that will maintain accountability. It is also beneficial to have a coordinator in place to assist local stakeholders, the community and Senior-level officials in managing, developing and ensuring compliance with the Juvenile Justice System and Delinquency Prevention Act according to the 2002 Amendment to address disproportionate minority youth involvement and contact with the Juvenile Justice System.


Jessica L. Indingaro
Disproportionate Minority Contact Coordinator

Physical Address
160 North Main Street,
Eleventh Floor,
Memphis, Tennessee 38103.

Direct Dial:  (901) 222-2014