Weekender Rules

Temporary Inmate Regulations

Persons who have been sentenced by the courts to serve time at the Shelby County Correctional Facility on their days off from work or school must abide by the following guidelines:
  • If your privilege to drive has been suspended or revoked, you may not drive to or from the Division of Corrections. If you can legally drive, you must park in the Mullins Station Road lot designated as weekender parking.
  • You must have a valid photo ID each time you report.
  • You must not report with illegal drugs or alcohol in your system. The division tests for the presence of alcohol and drugs upon entry.
  • You must report on time. If you report later than one hour to serve this sentence, you will receive a turn-around slip and returned to sentencing court for modifications.
  • Any violation of the laws of the United States, the State of Tennessee or any ordinance of any municipality during the period of this sentence may lead to revocation of the privileges of the non-consecutive sentence.
  • Any failure to report may constitute an act of contempt or may operate as a revocation of this order.
  • You are to dress properly with pants, shirts, socks and shoes. You may wear a coat and a hat while outside if required by the weather.
  • You may not wear open-toed shoes.

Rules While in Custody

You will be assigned a bunk, which must be made upon your arrival. Bunks will be made each morning by 8:00 am and will remain made until 8:00 pm. You may lie on top of your bunk before 8:00 pm if you wish to do so, but may not get under the covers.

You will also be assigned a work detail while you are serving your weekend time and may be given orders by correctional staff. If you refuse to follow lawful orders or refuse to work, a non-affidavit will be sent to the sentencing court. If you have any questions while you are serving your sentence, you may speak with one of the correctional staff members at any time.

Medical Information

If you are required to take medication during your incarceration period, it is mandatory that you contact the Division of Corrections' Medical Department at (901) 222-8626 at least 72 hours prior to your arrival. You must provide them with the prescribing doctor's name(s), pharmacy names and office numbers. In addition, you must complete and sign the attached Medication Verification / Medical Release Form. The medication will be provided by the medical department at the Division of Corrections. In rare, unique cases where the medical department can not provide the medication: an exception may be made. The medical department will make this determination. However, all medication must be verified in advance. If you arrive with medication that has not been verified 72 hours in advance, you will receive a turn-around slip and returned to the sentencing court.

Items Permitted

  • (2) Two pairs of white underclothing
  • Valid ID (Required)
  • Prosthetics

Items Not Permitted

  • Jewelry of any kind
  • Cosmetics or toiletry items
  • Food or beverage items
  • Money in any form
  • Pagers, cellular telephones, or other electronic items
  • Tobacco or tobacco products
  • Any additional item not specifically authorized by the Division of Corrections