Attorney's Trial Docket (a.k.a. Ten-Day Rule Docket) Hearing Request Instructions

Procedure for Requesting a Hearing on the Ten-Day Rule Docket

Following your completion of the electronic Ten-Day Hearing Request, the Courtroom Clerk will set the court date on Mondays through Thursdays. You will receive an official notice of your hearing from the Courtroom Clerk within ten (10) days of submitting your request on the Ten-Day Rule Docket.

If you are setting a Termination of Parental Rights on the Ten-Day Rule Docket, please do not list the name of the parties to the termination. Identify the Style of Case only as a “Termination.”

Adoptions – Adoptions will no longer be set on the Ten-Day Rule Docket, but will manually be set by the Adoption Clerk. Please contact Chancery Court at 901-222-3911 to set an adoption.

The Ten-Day Rule Docket is covered in Local Rule 13. Please consult the Local Rules of Chancery Court for more information. Also, please consult each individual Chancellor’s preferences after a hearing is set on The Ten-Day Rule Docket. Each Chancellor’s preferences can be found on the Chancellor’s Contact Information.

Uncontested Divorces

– Use the New Uncontested Divorce page

Contested Divorces –

Contested Divorce Requirements – If there is no property settlement or MDA, the party seeking alimony or child support shall file an affidavit, not less than thirty (30) days before the hearing date setting out the applicant’s income, needs and expenses showing the purpose and amount and the income of the respondent (if known). Not less than twenty (20) days before the hearing date, the Respondent shall file a similar affidavit showing income, needs and obligations. Parenting Plans must be presented to the Court at the time of the hearing. Fifteen (15) days before the hearing, attorneys must exchange settlement offers or inform opposing attorney why they have not done so. Where the division, description or value of marital assets is in dispute, at least fifteen (15) days before the hearing, the attorneys shall exchange their list of marital assets with a value placed on each asset. The list of assets shall be filed with the Court at the time of exchange.
Part I Courtroom Clerk:
Ph: (901) 222-3918
Part II Courtroom Clerk:
Ph: (901) 222-3940
Part III Courtroom Clerk:
Ph: (901) 222-3941