Alternative Zoning Atlas

The purpose of this page is to assist users who are unable to access Microsoft Silverlight on their computers. The materials on this page show the official Zoning Atlas as it was legally enacted on April 15, 2015. It indicates zoning district boundaries, overlay district boundaries, residential corridors and designated streets. It does not indicate the location of Planned Developments, Special Use Permits or Board of Adjustment locations. For those layers, and any updates to zoning boundaries since April 15, 2015, please consult the official zoning atlas.

Zoning Atlas

View the entire Zoning Atlas in low resolution. For more detailed maps, see individual Zoning Atlas Pages below.

Zoning Atlas Grid

Access the Zoning Atlas Grid that contains the location of each Zoning Atlas Page.

Zoning Atlas Pages

While the Office of Planning and Development makes every effort to maintain and distribute accurate information, no warranties and/or representations of any kind are made regarding information or data provided in this mapping application. In no event shall the City of Memphis, County of Shelby or Office of Planning and Development be liable in any way to the users of this zoning data. Users of this data shall hold the City of Memphis, County of Shelby and Office of Planning and Development harmless in all matters and accounts arising from the use and/or accuracy of the information and data found on this mapping application. Please refer to the Zoning Letter Application on this page for accurate zoning on a particular piece of property.