Administrative Applications

1. Zoning Letter Application

          Zoning letter application
          Zoning letter explanation

          Note: For assistance on zoning letters, please contact the Land Use Controls - East office at 901-222-8387 or contact
          Burk Renner 

2. Administrative Deviations

Some standards of the UDC may be waived by the Planning Director if certain conditions exist on a particular piece of property.

See this document for a complete list of standards eligible for administrative deviations.

Application for Administrative Deviation

Beginning September 5, 2014, all administrative deviations filed with the Office of Planning and Development will be placed on this page and be numbered chronologically. The Office of Planning and Development has made its best effort to place all administrative deviations filed prior to September 5, 2014, on this page, as well.

3. Direct Appeals to the Planning Director

If you would like to appeal any decision made by a member of the Office of Planning and Development, but feel that it may not qualify for a variance or administration deviation above, you can email the Planning Director directly. Please include the finding of the OPD staff member being appealed and attach the subject of the appeal, such as the site plan.

4. Special Purpose and Overlay District Review

Administrative Site Plan Review
This application applies to properties within the special purpose and overlay districts. View a map of those districts.

Note: administrative site plan review outside of the special purpose and overlay districts is processed by the Office of Construction Code Enforcement.

5 Alternative Parking Plan

Application for an Alternative Parking Plan

5. Tree Permit

Notice of Intent - Application for Tree Removal

6. Building and Sign Permits

Building permits are issued by the Office of Construction Code Enforcement (OCCE). All permits issued by OCCE may be retrieved on this website.

Sign permits - contact Rose Hill at 222-8374

7. Minor Modifications to Approved Planned Developments and Special Use Permits

          Planned Development - Minor Modification 
          Special Use Permit - Minor Modification

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8. Landscaping Installation Certification Form

          Landscaping Installation Certification Form

Land Use Controls Staff

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