Chancery Court Chancellors

Chancellors' Secretary: (901) 222-3940

Fax: (901) 222-3909

Part 1

Chancellor Melanie Taylor Jefferson

Court Clerk: (901) 222-3918

Law Clerk: (901) 222-3937

Part 2

Jim Kyle

Court Clerk: (901) 222-3936

Law Clerk: (901) 222-3938


Part 3

JoeDae L. Jenkins

Court Clerk: (901) 222-3941

Law Clerk: (901) 222-3939


Chancellor – Origin of the name: In ancient England, the King was regarded as the “fountain of justice”; and, when any person conceived that he had been wronged, either in court or out of court, he had the privilege of petitioning the King for redress. The King being unable to hear all of these complaints because of the number and complexity generally referred them to his chief secretary, who was called his Chancellor. This officer was an ecclesiastic, trained in the law and theology of Rome and was sometimes called “the keeper of the Kings’ conscience.”

-Gibson’s Suits in Chancery (5th edition, Crownover 1955), Part 1, section 2.

From this, the Chancery Court was formed and brought to this country through the North Carolina settlers.