Foster Care

Foster Care Review Board

In 1976, the Tennessee General Assembly passed a law mandating foster care review by citizen review boards.

What is Foster Care Review Board (FCRB)

A Foster Care Review Board is composed of citizen volunteers appointed by the Juvenile Court Judge. The board serves as the quasi-judicial function of advising the Court about the permanency process of each child in foster care. Foster care was originally designed to serve as temporary placement for children. Tens of thousands of children are growing up in foster care, with no plans or hope for permanent home. In an effort to move children to a permanent home as soon as possible, the foster care review system was created, linking the efforts of child welfare agencies, the courts and community resources.

Purpose of Foster Care

The primary purpose is to protect children from unnecessary separation from parents who will give them good home and loving care, to protect them from needless prolonged placement in foster care and the uncertainty it provides; and, to provide them a reasonable assurance that if an early return to the care of their parents in not possible they will be placed in a permanent home at an early date. The secondary purpose is to provide a mechanism to monitor the care of children in foster care to ensure that everything reasonably possible is being done to achieve permanency for the child.

The Responsibility of the Foster Care Review Board

•Making recommendation to the Tennessee Department of Children Services and Juvenile Court to facilitate a child into a stable, permanent and safe home.

•Meeting once a month to review progress reports and permanency plans for children.

•Determining the necessity of continuing foster care and the appropriateness of the placement.

•Deciding on the termination of parental rights if progress towards reunification has not been made within reasonable amount of time.

•Projecting a date for the child to exit foster care, either by adoption or permanent placement.

Volunteer Requirements

A FCRB volunteer must be at least 18 years of age preferable made up of any parents with minor children and/or professionals in the legal, human services, educational and medical fields.  Prior to being accepted into the program, each applicant must pass an extensive criminal and sex offender background check. Training is provided and must be successfully completed before the applicant acts on a board.

Foster Care Review Board:  901-222-0746  (fax) 901-222-0749

Jasmine Newsom:  901-222-0744

Marini Clay:  901-222-0747

Christeana Talley:  901-222-0743