Sanitary Sewers

Shelby County has a small maintenance area that includes Cloverhaven and East Acres near the City of Millington and the Windchase of Berryhill Subdivision in north Cordova. The County also maintains treatment facilities for E.E. Jeter and Mt. Pisgah schools, Youth Villages Dogwood Campus and the Bolton Estates Subdivision. A majority of the sanitary sewer collection system in the unincorporated area is maintained through the City of Memphis or other municipality that provides the treatment services. An easy way to determine the sewer provider in your area is by checking your MLGW bill.

In general, the homeowner is responsible for the line between the house and its connection at the street and the County or City is responsible for the sewer lines under the street. In most cases, the private sewer line from the house to the street will have an access point called the 'cleanout' located on the homeowner's premises. If a sewer backup occurs in the home, the cap on the cleanout may be removed to relieve the pressure and protect the home from sewage backflow. If the homeowner suspects a sewer blockage in the main line under the street, it should be reported to the County Engineering section as soon as possible. 

To report a sewer backup, please call (901) 222-7705.