SCDC Program Services

The Division of Corrections offers a wide range of program opportunities for participation and to work toward self-improvement. Some programs require you to submit an application for entry while others are based on the results of various assessments. Participants must follow the rules of the Division of Corrections to take part in programs offered.

Work Lines

Our Work Line Program allows inmates the opportunity to develop job skills and gain work experience while incarcerated at SCDC. Inmates must meet eligibility requirements to qualify for internal and external work assignments. Eligible offenders are expected to participate each day they are scheduled to work unless they are out for court, parole hearing or for medical reasons.

Work Release Program

Our Work Release Programs gives minimum security inmates the opportunity to earn money while working. A portion of their money is used to pay mandatory fees (Room & board, transportation, and court fees) while the remaining money can be sent home to assist loved ones in the community with personal matters. Participants must be twenty-one (21) years of age with no serious assaultive offenses and no sexual offenses.

Vocational Training

Various vocational training programs are provided by the Division to help inmates improve their employment skills.  Here we offer masonry, carpentry, certified logistical training, and electrical skills to name a few. You will also learn basic fork-lifting skills and become certified in Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).  A vocational assessment is required for participation.

Education Services

The Division of Corrections offers Adult Basic Education classes, literacy for reading improvement and High School Equivalency Test or HiSET (formerly GED) testing. Classes are voluntary and open to most segments of the population. Assessments are given to determine the education path for each student.  To further prepare for the HiSET, students are given an Official Practice Test (OPT). 

Therapeutic Communities

There are currently three (3) Therapeutic Communities (TC) operating at SCDC for male and female population. TC is cognitive behavior modification programs that consist of intensive 24/7 housing units addressing all areas of the offenders’ social skills, anger management, drugs, and alcohol abuse and re-entry planning. It is a volunteer program that is highly structured and operates in designated areas separate from the general population to enhance the therapeutic environment.