SCDC Chaplain’s Office

Clergy and Death Notification Special Visits:

Please contact the Chaplains’ Office to schedule one of these special visits.

  1. Clergy and Death Notification visits are for 30 minutes.
  2. The maximum number of visitors are two (no minors are allowed).
  3. Clergy visits are once a month, if a follow-up is needed, inform the chaplains’ office.
  4. A Background Check will be conducted before a visit may be authorized.
  5. Death Notifications are allowed only for the inmate’s Immediate Next of Kin. To ensure the information is given to the correct inmate, please provide the inmate’s Records and Identification (R & I) Number. (The following list applies: Grandparent, Parent, Spouse, Child, and Sibling) Please provide Funeral Home information for death verification along with the family’s Point of Contact information (Phone number and address).

  1. Chaplain Marq Allen (901) 222-8878 or  mail icon

    Chaplain Tommy Stafford (901) 222-8618 or mail icon

    Chaplains’ Secretary:  Mrs. Harber (901) 222-8709 or mail icon