Juvenile Court Clerk

A Message from Our Clerk

    The goal of the Clerk’s Office in 2016 was to continue to function efficiently and effectively, to respond to the needs of the families of our community, and to generate revenue through collection of court ordered fines and fees, grant contracts and state reimbursement to offset the cost of court operation.

     In 2009, the Child Support Services Division at Juvenile Court was not awarded the state contract for the first time since 1976.  The state contract for child support services for Shelby County went to Maximus, a private agency, beginning in July 2009.  Unlike in previous years, the IV-D Child Support Agency is no longer located in the Juvenile Court building but at an off-site location.  This transition in child support services has impacted the Clerk’s Office operation in all areas from processing petitions filed for establishment, enforcement, genetic testing and all other related child support issues as well as “Clerk Services” reimbursement from the State.  The Clerk’s Office staff continues to work closely with Maximus to help meet and process the workload efficiently through this transition period.

     In 2016, the Clerk’s Office secured a grant contract with the State of Tennessee for the eleventh consecutive year in the amount of $1,029,676.00 for “service of process” in all Title IV-D child support cases.  This grant shifts 66% of the total cost of funding fifteen full time positions to the State leaving the Clerk’s Office budget responsible for the remaining 34%.

     The Juvenile Court Clerk’s Office and staff will continue to serve the public to the best of our ability with proven effective leadership, accountability and integrity.