Minute Clerk


The minute clerks are responsible for recording the proceedings in court, including the testimony of witnesses and the ruling of the court. Upon conclusion of the hearing and at the direction of the court, the minute clerks prepare the order then submit the order to the Judge/Magistrate for approval and signature.

Attorneys who create proposed orders should submit them to minute clerk’s office (room #133) either in person or electronically at jcc-orders@shelbycountytn.gov  the minute clerk’s office staff will then forward the proposed order to the Judge/Magistrate for approval and signature. Once signed the clerk’s office will processes the order and mail a copy to all of the parties.

NOTE: Proposed orders should not be submitted to any other court personnel.

Rehearing and or appeals to civil or criminal Circuit Court are filed in room # 133.

Appeals to the Court of Appeals for the Western District of Tennessee are filed directly with the clerk for the Court of Appeals.

The fee for a rehearing is $25.00 and must be paid at the time the rehearing is requested.

The fee for an appeal to Circuit Court, criminal or civil, is $516.00 and must be paid at the time of filing the appeal.

The Juvenile Court clerk’s fee for preparing the record and submitting it to the Court of Appeal is $300.00 and must be paid before the record can be submitted to the Court of Appeal.

Affidavit of Indigence form is available and can be filed by an individual requesting that a particular fee be waived, however, this request must be approved by the Judge or Magistrate who heard the case.