Division of Public Works

Roads and Bridges:  Roadside Litter and Debris

The measurement of tons of trash per month is indicative of the waste generation rates of properties owns by the Shelby County Public Works Division. The measurement includes also includes Land Bank properties, public and the commercial properties that are serviced by Shelby County Government. The measure is important in the evaluation of the success to reduce blight across the county.

Tons of Litter Collected by Shelby County  

Source:  Division of Public Works

Date Reported: 03/15/2020

FY 2018 - FY 2019 Results

Shelby County collected a monthly average of 21.17 tons of trash in FY 2019, which is lower than the established goal of 25.0 tons and 1.17 tons higher than FY 2018.

Assessment of Results

The above chart illustrates that the amount of trash collected across Shelby County by month which has continued to decrease over the past three years. The average of tons of trash collected for the month of November is expected to be 23.41 tons which would be a 14.05 ton decrease from the FY 2019 total of 37.46 tons.  Shelby County must continue to identify opportunities to reduce the volume of trash that is disposed by reducing litter and illegal dumping for the County’s rapidly growing population.

Tabular Data