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Making County owned real estate available for acquisition by individuals, companies and organizations in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors through sales and nominal consideration conveyances is a job that keeps the Shelby County Land Bank very busy. The majority of the properties were acquired by the County through delinquent taxes.  The rest of the properties were initially purchased by the County for a particular public purpose but have now become surplus.  It is the Land Bank’s mission to get these properties back into productive use by responsible owners as quickly as possible in an effort to preserve property values, encourage redevelopment in the older communities, revitalize neighborhoods, minimize blight, maximize our tax base and reduce tax-supported expenses.

Properties Held by Shelby County  


Date Reported: 03/15/2020

Properties Held by Shelby County  


Percentage of Properties by Zip Codes

Status of Properties by Percentage

Calculation Method

This measure is calculated by adding the number of properties held in the Shelby County Land Bank inventory.  For additional information visit .

Next Steps

To continue to lower the number of properties in the land bank Shelby County has established monthly sales to further reduce the amount of properties owned by the county.  To see those reductions select the following link.

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