Senior Tech Connect Grants

The Shelby County Health Department and the Office of Shelby County Mayor Lee Harris have launched Senior Tech Connect to provide micro-grants in the amount of $5,000 to qualifying Assisted Care Living Facilities and Homes for the Aged to increase residents’ access to virtual communication. We encourage your facility to apply as soon as possible. Facilities will be notified within 48 hours of application submission. 

The micro-grant can be used to implement, sustain or expand, the qualifying facility’s capacity to offer virtual visitation to its residents. Devices, such as iPads, tablets, and webcams, and/or accessories, such as headphones, protective covers, sim cards, etc., can be purchased using these micro-grant funds. In addition, qualifying facilities may elect to use the micro-grant funds to support subscription fees for video conferencing services. All expenditures must be used only for the purposes of virtual visitation between residents and loved ones and telehealth visits.

How to Apply: 

Licensed Assisted Care Living Facilities and Homes for the Aged, located within Shelby County, Tennessee can apply for the Senior Tech Connect micro-grant by completing this brief application and providing a copy of the facility’s W-9 Tax ID form. All applications must include a brief description of the facility’s plan for use of the micro-grant funds, including what type of equipment will be used, how residents will access the purchased items, how residents will be educated or trained on the use of the equipment, and how equipment will be sanitized, if applicable. 

To submit your application, complete this form, scan, and email it, along with a copy of your W-9 Form to or mail to Cynthia Nunnally, 814 Jefferson Ave., Memphis, TN 38105. 

For questions regarding the Senior Tech Connect Micro-Grant call Cynthia Nunnally at 901-222-9046 or email at