Health and Community Services

Committee Accomplishments

The Shelby County Nonprofit Committee brought together nonprofits across varied sectors to share concerns and draw attention to issues that are barriers to residents’ success. We collectively identified major issues per sector and identified ways to address a part of a systemic problem. This is a different approach. Our focus has been on narrowing a focus, coming up with a project that chips away at a big problem, that’s achievable in a year. Previous projects in this sector include:

  • Problem: Access to Mental Health has always been an issue but Covid-19 exacerbated the problem. Residents who need the services most are often unwilling to seek services or don’t know where to begin.
  • Strategy: The Health and Human Services Committee wants to increase awareness of and access to mental health resources for under and uninsured people through a communication campaign and improving an online resource directory.
  • Problem: Language Access limits Non-native English speakers from utilizing the many nonprofits that provide vital services, simply because they are not able to speak English.
  • Strategy: The Health and Human Services Committee is removing language as a barrier to services for those who are not English language proficient by increasing access to interpretive services for nonprofit organizations through a pilot program and creating a long-term strategy.

Participating Nonprofits