Mission and Vision

The Division of Community Services promotes ongoing economic security and independence for the people of Shelby County. We do this by promoting, coordinating, and delivering services that address the underlying conditions for well-being and justice. 

We strive to be a highly organized team and partner, dedicated to promoting a strong community where all people are able to reach their full potential. 

Division Organization

By leveraging Federal, State, and local resources, we strive to meet the needs of people in crisis through different departments in a system of coordinated care.  


Pillars are essential to a building’s structure – they are the very thing that holds the structure up and keeps it from tumbling into ruin. Just like buildings, the Division of Community Services has pillars too – structural elements that help us focus on our programs’ goals, or identify the guideposts that we look to as we stay true to our purpose.   

We have created true intentionality in how we operate, through our five foundations, or pillars:


These pillars are practical and aspirational, and they are the foundation for how we develop new programs and enhance existing ones - things that we do and that we strive to do, EVERYDAY. As we continue to set the foundations of our service, our team, and all of Shelby County, will become stronger and stronger.