CVRCC Supports Victims of Collierville Mass Shooting

The Shelby County Crime Victims & Rape Crisis Center (CVRCC) stands ready to support the victims and witnesses of the Collierville mass shooting.   

CVRCC victim advocates and trauma counselors can provide the following services, in both English and Spanish languages:   

Crisis intervention & support

Oftentimes, victims and witnesses need information and guidance to help them understand their feelings and reactions to a horrific event.  Sometimes, victims and survivors of other crimes are also triggered by these events.   It may be helpful to talk through those immediate reactions and start to learn some basic coping skills as well as the next steps in processing the trauma you have experienced.     

Law enforcement and personal advocacy 

Information is occasionally necessarily scarce immediately following a mass violence event.   Victims and survivors might need help with everything from locating personal items left at the scene to understand what options are available for them and their families.  Our advocates and counselors help serve as a liaison between law enforcement and other entities to help facilitate responses for each victim’s unique needs.

 Assistance in applying for victims’ compensation or other financial assistance 

The TN Criminal Injuries Compensation Fund is designed to reimburse victims of crime for any expenses related to the crime, including medical and mental health expenses.  CVRCC is working closely with the state Fund and the Shelby County District Attorney General’s Office to help streamline those applications for the Collierville victims.  In addition, we are exploring other opportunities to connect victims and witnesses with other resource options to help with everything from out-of-town travel to other immediate or long-term needs.   

As people are ready, CVRCC can also provide the following:   

Individual or group counseling 

CVRCC’s counseling team supports victims of crime through a variety of professional counseling modalities (types).  Counselors will work with each victim to determine their own best course of action to start on their journey towards resiliency and hope after the crime.    

Community Crisis Debriefing Sessions 

CVRCC’s Community Crisis Debriefing Team is comprised of 4-5 advocates and counselors who conduct 60 – 90 minute sessions for people impacted by crime, including those not directly impacted, such as co-workers, friends, neighbors, and family members.  The team will provide information about typical grief and trauma reactions, help participants learn to manage emotional responses to trauma, discuss resources in the community, and validate concerns while offering support.  An added bonus to these sessions is that participants can meet other people who were also affected in order to build informal supports and connections with one another.  

All Services Are Free and Confidential.  

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