Office of Education & Youth Services

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Within Shelby County’s Division of Community Services is the Office of Education and Youth Services which is led by Deputy Administrator Reginald Milton and Coordinator, Dr. Bernard Williams. This Office operates according to the Five Pillars within the Division of Community Services: People Focused, Engaging Employees, Stewarding Resources, Guided by Data & Outcomes, and Collaborating with the Community.

The Office of Education and Youth Services is people focused as it fills the gaps with educational services and administer strategies that bring positive change for children, youth, and young adults.  From pre-K to graduation and beyond, young people of all ages deserve meaningful experiences. The Office of Education and Youth Services is highly engaged with initiatives to decrease the possibility of being involved in our justice system by giving youth free after-school programs, employment, summer camps, and violence prevention initiatives.  These opportunities engage student interest in a variety of pro-social activities while linking youth to mental health and social services when needed.