Mayor Lee Harris' Summer Work Experience (MSWE)


Welcome to the 4th Annual Summer Work Experience

Mayor Lee Harris’ Summer Work Experience provides Shelby County youth and young adults with an opportunity to learn new skills, gain financial independence, and grow their professional network. Every year, up to 200 young people between the ages of 18 and 24 are invited to work for Shelby County Government in social services, public health, emergency management, or government administration. By 2022, we’ll continue to adapt to COVID-19 with a modified program for young adults (ages 18-24 only) for eight weeks. This year’s mantra is "Championing Challenges" and we know that the Summer Work Experience cohort will rise above challenges and take action that positively impacts our community.

Mayor Lee Harris Headshot

A Message from Shelby County Mayor Lee Harris:

We’re excited to provide opportunities for young people who have an interest in working in government. It is my hope that they will learn professional skills that will stay with them throughout their lives. Some of our past participants have even gone on to become full-time Shelby County Government employees. Our young people will be future leaders both inside and outside of government. Our job is to help set them on that path.
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A Message from Shelby County Mayor’s Director of Education, Dr. Cedrick Gray

Participating in the Mayor Lee Harris Summer Work Experience is more than about coming to work, collecting your pay, and going home. Participants in the MSWE learn how to show up and perform their jobs with excellence. The youth in our program sharpen current skills while developing a new awareness of how what they do impacts the greater community. County Government performs valuable service to its citizens. Our youth become more than co-workers, they become colleagues, friends, and even future leaders of county divisions and departments. Each participant takes away a different experience but all participants grow in some way during their experience.

The Mayor Lee Harris Summer Work Experience provides hands-on, meaningful engagement within high functioning government departments. Participants interact with professionals that can help build networks that lead to future career opportunities. The insight and independence gained from the experience are long-lasting and deeply satisfying. Participants contribute to the overall well-being and quality of life of all of the citizens of Shelby County.

Summer 2021 Photos