Summer Camp Grant Program


Application Timeline

  • Applications close: Friday, May 6, 2022
  • Grantees are reviewed on a rolling basis.
  • Notification of selection: Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Summary of the Program/Grant

The Shelby County Mayor’s Office of Education is encouraging summer camp operators to apply for the 2022 Summer Camp Grants program, a new initiative to allow more youth to attend high-quality summer camps throughout Shelby County. Selected summer camp programs will receive up to $12,000 to cover all camp-related expenses for families in need. 

The goal of the grant is to provide scholarships to youth and families in need, so they can participate in high-quality summer camps at no cost. 


Eligible applicants are defined as non-profit and non-LEA-based organizations that are authorized to conduct educational programming for youth and can demonstrate at least two years of successful operations in providing summer programming. 

Eligible and interested applicants must submit an application on the Office of Education’s website. 

Eligible applicants, upon application submission, must provide and upload the following completed documentation:

  1. Completed Gratuity Disclosure form
  2. 501c3 Letter
  3. Charitable Contribution Letter
  4. Audit Letter 

Eligible applicants will be evaluated by a weighted rubric against four (4) domains that include Program Cost (20%), Program Capacity (25%), Program Education and Enrichment Quality (30%), and Student & Family Support Services (25%). 

Approved grantees are defined as non-profit and non-LEA-based organizations that are authorized to conduct educational programming for youth. 

Approved grantees will be awarded up to $12,000 with the goal of providing free/no-cost placement to at least 10 students.  

Approved grantees must track participants and maintain records that are identified as receiving free/no-cost placement and provide evidence of monitoring of:

  1. Attendance, 2) Support Services delivered, 3) Record of fund utilization to provide no-cost placement for individual students 4) Assessment/Project data (if applicable), and 5) Parent/Caregiver feedback. 

Qualifying Metrics and Program Guidelines

To qualify, eligible applicants must complete an application and provide evidence through open-ended responses and supporting documentation of the following:

  1. Program Cost (Weighted at 20%) - Program cost is averaged between $120-$150 per week, per participant. 
  2. Program Capacity (Weighted at 25%) - Open or rolling availability and demonstrated effort to recruit and support students from underserved backgrounds. 
  3. Education and Enrichment Quality (Weighted at 30%) - Educational programming is high-quality with evidence of structured, thematic, and/or project-play-based learning. 
  4. Support Services (Weighted at 25%) - The program provides wraparound services including food services, transportation, flexible hours, and a behavior support plan. 


Quote from Dr. Cedrick Gray, Director of Education, Shelby County Mayor’s Office of Education

“Summertime should be a time of both learning and fun for all youth in Shelby County. Oftentimes, however, that time is limited to those with resources. The Shelby County Mayor’s Office of Education seeks to provide both learning and fun to youth and their families who may otherwise not be able to engage due to a lack of resources. We are beyond excited to offer our community this invaluable resource so that all youth in the county can have the opportunity to enjoy a summer filled with enrichment and excitement.”