Chair Pro Tempore: Charlie Caswell, Jr.

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    Charlie A. Caswell Jr. (D)

    Chair Pro Tempore: District 6

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    Physical Address
    160 N. Main Street
    Suite 600
    Memphis, TN 38103

    Fax: (901) 222-1002

  1. LaCretia Maclin

    Legislative Specialist

  1. Charlie A. Caswell Jr. ran for election to the Shelby County Board of Commissioners to represent District 6 in Shelby County, Tennessee. He won the general election on August 4, 2022. 

    He is a community activist with a heart for social justice for all people who have good leadership skills and customer service skills. He is the author of his first book "How to Become More Visible, Vocal, and Valuable to your Community", believing in sowing into the lives of our youth, and making the world a better place by working together with a collective impact approach. Charlie’s desire is to help establish his “7P's Community Collaboration” in every school around the country. 

    Longtime pastor and community activist Charlie Caswell knows there isn’t a silver bullet for improving the lives of students in poverty in Shelby County, but he firmly believes he’s come as close as possible to finding one. For Caswell, learning about childhood trauma changed his life. Studying adverse childhood experiences, or ACEs, gave Caswell the language he needed to process his own childhood wounds. And it empowered him to become an ACEs evangelist, preaching to anyone who will listen — but especially to educators, school district leaders, and even governors — that awareness of childhood trauma can improve the lives of the most vulnerable students. Caswell worked with stakeholders across the state, to craft a bill signed into law that allows judges to require parents to attend ACEs training before they sign off on their divorce. 

    Today, he is husband, father, community activist, author, entrepreneur, Outreach Pastor at Impact Church, Shelby County Commissioner, and recipient of many awards; 2021 Community Advocate of the Year, 2017 Visionary of the Year from Methodist Community Health Network, 2014 Frayser Humanitarian of the Year. 

    When Charlie recognized his calling of revitalizing communities, collaborating with partners, and being the voice for the voiceless, 3V Leader was formed. 3V Leader is a movement for leaders to be Visible, Vocal, and Valuable in their community. 

    These efforts lead to him being invited twice by the Obama Administration to Washington, D.C, to help in efforts to build neighborhood capacity. 

    Charlie is CEO of Caswell Group Consulting, which is a company with a focus on helping to create trauma-informed and trauma-responsive organizations and communities. 

    He serves on the Board of Directors of Legacy of Legends CDC, Shelby County Board of Health appointed by Mayor Lee Harris, Ladies in Need Can Survive (LINCS), S.O. What Foundation, and Building Strong Brains TN  Advisory Board. 

    In addition, Charlie is the founder of the first Rotary Club in the Raleigh-Frayser communities called “Rotary Northwest Shelby County”. 

    Charlie is the father of six children – Autumn, Destiny, Charlie III, Xzavia, Tiara, and Kiara and the husband of Mrs. Teresa Landrum-Caswell.

Committee Assignments

Legislative Affairs, Chairman
Hospitals & Health, Chairman
Community Services, Vice Chair
Delinquent Tax Property, Member