Public Safety

County Commission Ad Hoc Committees

The Commissioner's Permanent Rules of Order permits the Commission Chairman to create Ad Hoc Committees as needed. With each committee, the chairman appoints members and officers to serve collectively in an effort to achieve the mission of the special committee.  

Shelby County Commission Public Safety Ad Hoc Committee

Mission: To provide a collaborative platform to elevate the crime problem and to use data to identify concrete solutions to reduce and eradicate crime in Shelby County, Tennessee.

Goals: Build a Plan of Action with key county and community-based partners to address crime in Shelby County, Tennessee.


  • Identify the appropriate approach to better understand the types of crimes committed in Shelby County, Tennessee including the demographics of the most prevalent perpetrators of incidents.
  • Determine root causes of crimes being committed and identify any patterns that can be addressed with local, state and/or federal legislation.
  • Create collaborations across the county using a community-based approach.
This committee is comprised of the following Leadership:
  • Commissioner Charlie Caswell, Jr., Chair
  • Commissioner Mick Wright, Vice Chair

This committee is comprised of the following members:

  • Chairman Mickell Lowery, member
  • Vice Chair Miska Clay Bibbs, member
  • Commissioner Amber Mills, member
  • Commissioner David Bradford, member
  • Commissioner Brandon Morrison, member
  • Commissioner Shante K. Avant, member
  • Commissioner Henri E. Brooks, member
  • Commissioner Edmund Ford, Jr., member
  • Commissioner Britney Thornton, member
  • Commissioner Erika Sugarmon, member
  • Commissioner Michael Whaley, member
  • Bobby White, member
  • Vicki Terry, member
  • John Zeanah, member
  • Michael Harris, member
  • Dr. Michelle Taylor, member
  • DA Steve Mulroy, member
  • Tutonial Williams, member
  • Judge Tarik Sugarmon, member
  • Sheriff Floyd Bonner, member
  • Director C.J. Davis, member
  • Rosalind Moore, member
  • Keedran Franklin, member
  • Jamilica Burke, member
  • Veronica Brown, member
  • Rev. Dr. Lawrence Turner, member
  • Josh Spickler, member
  • Cardell Orrin, member

The first meeting of this Ad Hoc committee will be Wednesday, December 7, 2022 at 12PM in the Commission Chambers located at 160 N. Main Street (Lobby Level).

If you have any questions regarding this Ad Hoc Committee please contact the Shelby County Commission Office at 901-222-1000.