County Commission Ad Hoc Committees

The Commissioner's Permanent Rules of Order permits the Commission Chairman to create Ad Hoc Committees as needed. With each committee, the chairman appoints members and officers to serve collectively in an effort to achieve the mission of the special committee. 

Shelby County Commission Communications Ad Hoc Committee

Mission: to identify best practices and feasible solutions for a robust Communications Plan of Action for the Shelby County Board of Commissioner’s Office.

Goals/Objectives: The Committee is established to oversee the following activities in pursuit of its Mission:

  • Review the current processes used for communicating information on behalf of the body.
  • Determine actional solutions to address any barriers to creating a strong Communications Plan and identify the scope of work necessary to create, implement and maintain the plan.
  • Draft recommendations around how a communications plan would operate internally as well as externally.
This committee is comprised of the following members:

  • Commissioner Miska Clay Bibbs, Chair
  • Commissioner David Bradford, Vice Chair
  • Commissioner Shante K. Avant, member
  • Commissioner Mick Wright, member
If you have any questions regarding this Ad Hoc Committee please contact the Shelby County Commission Office at 901-222-1000.