Election Commission

County Commission Ad Hoc Committees

The Commissioner's Permanent Rules of Order permits the Commission Chairman to create Ad Hoc Committees as needed. With each committee, the chairman appoints members and officers to serve collectively in an effort to achieve the mission of the special committee.  

Shelby County Commission Election Commission Ad Hoc Committee

Mission: To explore best practices and protocol to dispose of voting machines, to ensure appropriate resources are provided regarding voter education, and to collaborate upon ways to increase public awareness of elections in Shelby County, Tennessee. 

Goals: Ensure that the Shelby County Election Commission is following the appropriate protocols to dispose of voting machines and collaborate with the Election Commission to inform citizens about access to voter education in Shelby County, Tennessee.


  • Identify best practices across the country to dispose of outdated/decommissioned voting machines and best protocols to dispose of said machines consistent with the Surplus Property Purchasing Policy P-250.
  • Determine resources and tools necessary to ensure the public’s access to voter education is easily accessible at the Shelby County Election Commission.
  • Collaborate on enacting effective mechanisms that foster greater election awareness and notification to the voting populace in Shelby County, Tennessee.

This committee is comprised of the following Leadership:

  • Commissioner Erika Sugarmon, Chair
  • Commissioner Amber Mills, Vice Chair

This committee is comprised of the following members:

  • Mark Luttrell, Election Commission Chair, member
  • Benny Smith, Election Commissioner, member
  • Vanecia Kimbrow, Election Commissioner, member
  • Joe Towns, Jr., State Representative District 84, member
  • G.A. Hardaway, State Representative District 93, member
  • Eddie Jones, Probate Court Clerk, member
  • Van Turner, Attorney Turner Field Law, PLLC., member
  • Joe Weinburg, Citizen, member

The first meeting of this Ad Hoc committee will be Thursday, February 16, 2023, at 3:30 PM in the Commission Chambers located at 160 N. Main Street (Lobby Level).  

If you have any questions regarding this Ad Hoc Committee please contact the Shelby County Commission Office at 901-222-1000.