Shelby County Emergency Management and Homeland Security Agency offers many programs for the public to train and prepare. These programs include Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training to be the help until help arrives, Active Shooter Awareness Training to know what to do in an active shooter event, Preparedness Presentations to give groups general understanding of preparedness in disasters, and Preparedness Walkthroughs to assess facilities (such as places of worship and offices) to be better prepared for emergencies.

Request a Speaker

To help create a better informed and prepared community, Shelby County Office Emergency Management and Homeland Security Agency provides information and speakers to discuss Emergency Preparedness and Homeland Security topics. Seminars or presentations are free of charge and are conducted year-round during day and evening hours. Topics can range from Weather and Seismic Preparedness, Terrorism, Volunteerism, and CERT/Reserve Corps.

If you are interested in having a guest speaker from Shelby County Emergency Management & Homeland Security Agency, please submit the request form.

Please allow 2 weeks when requesting a speaker.