YFRC Vision, Mission, and Values

Connecting Youth to Community, Not Systems

Vision: We envision a Shelby County where youth and their families are empowered to overcome challenges and to build a future in which they will thrive, grow, and explore opportunities in life. 


Shelby County Youth & Family Resource Center:

  • Partners with youth and their families to identify strengths, needs, and any areas of concern; 
  • Connects youth and their families with individualized services, supports, and resources in the community; and 
  • Convenes community partners to promote the effective use of existing resources. 


Connection: Linking youth and their families with community resources to reduce youth justice system involvement.  

Collaboration: Partnering with community agencies to better serve the individualized needs of the youth and their families.  

Community: Building a supportive community where youth and their families can thrive and grow. 

Equity: Ensuring fair treatment for all, respecting everyone’s needs, culture, and background.   

Empathy: Engaging with every youth and their family with compassion and non-judgment, ensuring the dignity and self-worth of each person is upheld.