Support Services

General Responsibilities

The Support Services Department performs custodial services, mail services, fleet services, provides, sign, framing and awards services, surplus property/warehousing services and oversee capital improvement projects and provide maintenance on county properties.

Staff include custodial workers, messengers, electronic control techs, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, painters, engineers, custodians, and other personnel and crafts with Support Services that respond to various service cleaning and maintenance requests.  The responsibilities within the Department include:

Custodial Services:
An internal custodian services maintain by Custodial Workers, Crew Leaders and a management team committed to daily cleaning, dusting, disinfecting, and floor care duties spanning across various Shelby County Government facilities. The section mission is to maintain a well clean, sanitized and organized facility in a safe environment. 

Mail Services:
The internal mail service operation within Shelby County Government. This service has a fully trained messengers to efficiently and professionally address any special project request relative to mail service distribution. Additionally, Shelby County Mail Services are responsible for ensuring proper movement of parcels and mail is distributed in a timely and cost-efficient manner to all administrative departments and elected officials.

An internal operation that serves to maintain facilities within Shelby County Government. The department is comprised Steam and Refrigeration Engineers, Electricians, Plumbers, a Locksmith, Carpenters, Painters and Maintenance Mechanics. Collectively, the maintenance team provides maintenance services to more than 80 facilities. In addition to providing maintenance services, we also maintain all Fire Alarms and other life safety systems. Support Services works daily to provide facilities that are safe, comfortable, efficient, and conducive conducting the business of Shelby County Government.  We dedicate ourselves to provide professional services that repair, maintain, and modernize the facilities for the citizens of Shelby County.  

An internal operation that serves to oversee the planning, design, engineering and construction of a project from its inception to completion. The department is made up of Project Management Leader(s), a field team led by the field manager, an inspector and a support services specialist. This team is responsible for projects that involve new construction, renovations to existing buildings and even demolition. Project oversight includes a wide range of endeavors that run the gamut of engineering and architectural disciplines.

Fleet Services:
An internal operation in Shelby County Government that maintains the majority of maintenance, inspections, and repairs of the small, mid-size to large vehicles, trucks and heavy duty equipment. This section is responsible for the fueling services for all cars, trucks, and equipment that currently comprise of the fleet at Shelby County Government. Fleet Services also provide a system for funding and purchasing vehicles for various County departments as needed through The Fleet Vehicle Replacement Program. When Fleet management identifies a vehicle(s) that is not proficient in performance or 10 to 15 years or 150,000 miles or greater, Fleet Services will dispose of those vehicles & equipment by way of the Auction Program to the public that has been established on an as needed basis.

Signs, Framing and Awards:
Creates graphics and end product for - 
  • Outdoor and indoor signage
  • Matting and framing of prints, posters, certificates and proclamations
  • Engraved wood plaques, nameplates and 3 dimensional acrylic engraved awards

Surplus Property/Warehousing:
An internal operation that arranges for the pick-up, delivery and disposal of surplus county furniture and equipment. Furniture and equipment are stored at the Surplus Warehouse and is available for use to all departments within Shelby County Government on an as needed. Staff also arranges for furniture and equipment to be transitioned from one Shelby County Government facility to another utilizing either in-house work crews or outsourcing the moving to vendors.  Surplus Property Services also coordinates auctions for the final disposal of all items no longer usable from the county administration, elected officials, Sheriff's Department, Narcotics Department, and other county agencies.