Support Services

General Responsibilities

Support Services is responsible for the custodial, maintenance, mailing, parking, signage, surplus property/warehousing services, renovations and general repairs for all Shelby County Facilities that are occupied by most of the Shelby County Employees.  Some of the facilities not maintained by Support Services include the Correction Center and the facilities operated by the Sheriff’s Department.
Staff include custodial workers, maintenance mechanics, electronic control technicians, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, painters, steam & refrigeration engineers, locksmith, messengers and other Support Services personnel that assist and respond to various service requests.  The responsibilities within the Department include:

Custodial Services 

An internal operation maintained by Custodial Workers, Crew Leaders and a management team committed to daily cleaning, dusting, disinfecting, and floor care duties spanning across various Shelby County Government facilities. Staff is responsible for maintaining a well cleaned, sanitized and organized facility in a safe environment.  

Facility Maintenance

An internal operation that serves to maintain facilities within Shelby County Government. The department is comprised of Steam and Refrigeration Engineers, Electricians, Electronic Control Technicians, Plumbers, a Locksmith, Carpenters, Painters and Maintenance Mechanics. Collectively, the maintenance team provides maintenance services to more than 80 facilities. In addition to providing maintenance services, we also maintain all Fire Alarms and other life safety systems. Support Services works daily to provide facilities that are safe, comfortable, efficient and conducive to conducting the business of Shelby County Government.  We dedicate ourselves to provide professional services that repair, maintain and modernize the facilities for the citizens of Shelby County. 


Support Services staff manages the majority of Capital Projects in the category of Buildings and Property for the County. Projects typically span multiple years, thus requiring staff to manage a dozen or so projects at a time in various project stages. Staff is responsible for contract and resolution preparation, management of the project and payment management throughout the life of the project with a final payment of retainage when the project is complete.

Signage, Framing and Awards

The signage, framing and awards services internal operation serves to process, produce, deliver and install facility markings and signage, specialized program materials, awards and recognition materials, framed art and print materials for various Shelby County elected officials.

Mail Services 

An internal operation within Shelby County Government responsible for the coordination of incoming and outgoing mail with fully trained messengers to efficiently and professionally address all mail distributions.

Parking Management 

An internal operation within Shelby County Government that manages parking for employees working in and around downtown facilities including the garage of the Vasco A. Smith Jr, County Administration Building, Walter Bailey Criminal Justice Center, the reserved office building lots of 150 Washington and 157 Poplar Alleyway and the outside lot(s) under the expressway viaduct between Second Street and Third Street.  Support Service issues all parking permits to employees utilizing these lots. 

Surplus Property/Warehouse

An internal operation that arranges for the pick-up, delivery and disposal of surplus county furniture and equipment. Furniture and equipment are stored at the Surplus Warehouse and is available for use to all departments within Shelby County Government on an as needed basis. Staff also arranges for furniture and equipment to be transitioned from one Shelby County Government facility to another utilizing either in-house work crews or outsourcing the moving to vendors.