Support Services

General Responsibilities

The Support Services Department performs maintenance on county properties; provides printing services, copy duplicating, and mail services; and handles surplus property.

Carpenters, electricians, plumbers, painters, engineers, custodians, and other maintenance personnel from Support Services respond to approximately 7,000 trouble calls and handle as many as 700 requests for service in an average year. This staff saves the county money by:
  • Doing building renovations
  • Maintaining buildings and grounds
  • Repairing in-house machinery, such as heating and air conditioning equipment and ice machines

Additional Services

  • Mail Services


    Mail Services handles the mail system within the Shelby County government. It is responsible for ensuring mail is distributed in a timely and cost-efficient manner to all administrative departments and elected officials.
  • Printing Services - Printing Services provides each department access to a modern print shop within county government at a savings to taxpayers of an estimated 25% per job. Everything from letterhead stationery to certificates, brochures, and even election ballots are printed here.
  • Surplus Property Services - Surplus Property Services arranges for the pick-up, delivery, and disposal of all surplus county furniture and vehicles. Storage is provided for furniture or equipment that is no longer needed by one department but might be used in another area. Surplus Property Services also coordinates auctions for the final disposal of all items no longer usable from the county administration, elected officials, Sheriff's Department, Narcotics Department, and other county agencies.