Neighborhood Drainage

Advice for Selecting a New Home

The office of the county engineer receives many inquiries every year from homeowners who are concerned about stormwater in their neighborhood, on their property, or even in their houses. Below is a New Homeowners Buyers Guide to Stormwater Management that our office has written to help property owners and home buyers understand the government's regulations and responsibilities regarding drainage and flooding. The document also provides some tips that may be useful in the selection of a house or property that will be free of stormwater problems.

Curbing Stormwater Pollution

The Shelby County government and the City of Memphis have developed a joint Stormwater Matters website dedicated to informing officials, developers, business owners, and citizens about the importance of stormwater pollution prevention. This site provides a single location to obtain the latest environmental regulations regarding stormwater and features the most recent version of the Stormwater Management Manual (SWMM).

Additionally, this site lists opportunities for stormwater training, education, and outreach. Printable pamphlets are available that provide homeowners with tips and information regarding topics such as proper disposal of potential pollutants including antifreeze, leaves, paint, and pet waste. Citizens can file complaints and report polluters quickly and easily using the downloadable Stormwater Pollution Complaint Form. In addition, the portal links to the City of Memphis and Shelby County stormwater programs, lists general telephone numbers for the various divisions within the Public Works Departments, and has information concerning the water quality hotlines.

Contact Us

Please call the office of the county engineer at (901) 222-7705 if you need clarification relating to any of the above information. Please note that we are not able to assist in the selection of a new home by performing inspections, but we can try to answer some of your questions.

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