Traffic Control Sign Shop

Responsibilities & Services

The Traffic Control Sign Shop is responsible for managing most components of traffic control entities that improve citizens’ safety and facilitate travel within the unincorporated areas of Shelby County.
Traffic Control Sign Shop image.png
Major duties of the Traffic Control Sign Section include:
  • Fabricating all signage for infrastructures located in unincorporated areas
  • Installing and maintaining all traffic signage
  • Maintaining signage database
  • Providing emergency response to citizens’ complaints pertaining to signage
  • Providing traffic detour signage during emergency situations or road improvement projects
  • Striping approximately 800 linear miles of roads in unincorporated areas
Note: To report signage obstruction / damage affecting unincorporated roadways and other situations within the Roads and Bridges Department’s jurisdiction that have an adverse effect on public safety, please call this department immediately.