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Access to the Zoning Atlas is available here

Overlay Districts

Use the Zoning Atlas above to view the Overlay and Special Purpose districts in Memphis. Go to the Landmarks Commission webpage to download individual Landmarks District maps and design guidelines. These historic overlay districts are also indicated on the Zoning Atlas with an "(H)" suffix on the zoning district layer and as "Local Landmarks Districts" in the Historic Districts layer tab.

University District Overlay
. The University District Overlay was adopted on Third and Final Reading by the Memphis City Council on July 7, 2009. Also on July 7, 2009, the Memphis City Council adopted a comprehensive plan and a comprehensive rezoning for the area. The materials associated with these approvals are found below.

Sensitive Drainage Basins

Administrative Site Plan Review by the City or County Engineering Departments is, in part, triggered by a site's location within a sensitive drainage basin. These basins are now on the zoning atlas as "Sensitive Drainage Basins" under the Drainage Basins layer tab.

Map of Arterial Roads

View a map showing the arterial and collector streets throughout Memphis and Shelby County. Various sections of the UDC reference arterial and collector streets. Access the homepage of the Memphis Metropolitan Planning Organization, which contains an interactive map showing these arterial and collector streets.

Sanitary Sewer Lines

Click here to view a map of the extent of the City of Memphis' sanitary sewer system.

FEMA FIRMs (Flood Insurance Rate Maps)

Click here to access the FEMA website that contains the Flood Insurance Rate Maps.  These maps contain the 100 year flood plain, and if quantified in a particular area, the base flood elevation (BFE).

Planned Developments

Planned Development Outline and Final Plans may be accessed from the Shelby County Register of Deeds. On the Register's index page, you can either type in the name of the planned development on the left hand of the screen (under the "Property Records" heading) or use the GIS program on the right hand of the screen if you know the address or the area of the County into which to zoom. Once you have clicked on or located the parcel in question by using either search tool, you can download the Planned Development Final Plan by clicking on the link entitled "Plat BK. & PG." on the left side of the screen, which is under the owner name, property address, etc.

Annexation Maps

Click here to go to the page that contains annexation maps.

Other Jurisdictions

For zoning information for the following municipalities, contact their respective city offices (links are provided below):