Licensing Classifications

Every person doing business in Memphis and Shelby County as a registered and/or licensed electrical installer (liability insurance required per Section 104.5.2) shall file with the building official a bond in the penal sum of $25,000 that has been issued by an incorporated insurance company authorized to do business in Shelby County (which has an office or agent located in Shelby County). For the purpose of the Joint Electrical Code, the classification of the various licenses of the electrical industry shall be as follows:

Section Classification
Section Classification
303 Electrical or specialist licensed electrical contractor
312.1 Commercial, industrial, and institutional electrical maintenance electrician
304 Certified electrical contractor
403 Journeyman: Electrician
305 Master electrician
403 Journeyman: Lineman
306 Specialist: Elevator installer
404 Apprentice electrician
307 Specialist: Industrial plant technician
405 Specialist: Electrical fixture installer
308 Specialist: Residential electrician (renewal only)
406 Specialist: Industrial maintenance electrician
309 Specialist: Supervising sign installer
407 Specialist: Journeyman sign installer
310 Specialist: Low-voltage and/or alarm contractor
408 Specialist: Apprentice sign installer
311 Memphis / Shelby County low-voltage licensed contractor

Fees & Renewals

Licenses and registrations may be renewed on or before July 16, following their expiration date, without examination and upon payment of renewal fee. After July 16 and before October 1, a $12 late fee will be charged. After October 1, following an expiration date, all provisions for an original issuance of a license or registration may be applicable.

View all electrical licensing fees to ensure that you have paid all applicable fees and are properly certified to perform electrical work in Shelby County.